Nothing is left to chance.

Where there is insufficient control, we look to the science that we practice every day in our laboratories.

We have always been specialists at developing our formula and we are extremely proud to have one of the richest recipe and data banks.
Added to this, our laboratories are fitted with the latest generation equipment, together with a team of committed and specialist technicians who strive to guarantee our commitment to:
- analysis;
- stability tests;
- safety tests;
- dermatological tests;
- patch test;
- test oftalmologici
- patch tests and ensuring our products continually adhere to CEE and FDA product standards.

This achievement means we can deliver the highest quality and safety levels for each individual product, all supported by documentation needed to meet Italian, European and International laws.

Our total quality commitment

Organisational structure and flexibility guarantee rapid delivery times.

Saponerie Mario Fissi has been following a Quality Policy for decades.
The production of paste-based soaps, toiletries, laundry soaps and glycerines, packaged within their many successful brands, are available on Italian and international markets.
Today, Saponerie Mario Fissi is a modern company, adaptable and flexible and can work across challenging international markets,
yet we still retain a strong bond with our past.
Our senior management team are visible and on the ground, primarily to maintain and improve the quality of our products.
They can assess any immediate business risk and highlight opportunities for continuous improvement.

The strategic objectives that underpin our Quality Policy are summarised as:
Customer Satisfaction;
Product Security;
Maintain Current Standards;
Issue Resolution;
Efficient Processes and Procedures.

Our senior management team are committed to providing the right resources to the organisation, with ongoing training aimed at continually and successfully achieving the above objectives.
Our staff are aware of the need to adhere to all regulatory and market requirements and are kept up to date through repeated and relevant awareness training..
All our collaborators, as we call them, work to maximum effect to ensure continuous improvement to our Quality Policy and to prevent problems.

Our policies are designed in a framework, so that risks can be easily identified and assessed. Our goals are briefly summarised below and are quantified with various risk indicators as well as being continually reviewed. Periodic Management Reviews- assignment of individual objectives and responsibilities.
Customer Satisfaction:
products comply to all contractual requirements, meet customer expectations and standards,
measurements for ‘on time’ deliveries and penalties for non-conformity.
(We strive to achieve 100% compliance with the execution and management of all our product production activities).
Product Compliance:
compliance with current standards, compliance with current cosmetic safety legislation and management of human resources
(Our objective is to deliver full conformity with these standards)
Processes and Procedures:
we aim to reduce all instances of non-conformity and any upheld complaints,
optimise operational efficiency and adhere to all documented processes and procedures.

01 June 2016 Directors signature