A small part of our business is represented by the own trademarks collections we distribute all over the world to special retailers with an excellent quality and rich formulations.

Fissi Firenze was formed from a desire and passion to care and nurture the whole body. The constant search for organic ingredients and increasingly effective formulas makes this product a pleasure for all who use it. The products are all dermatologically tested and do not contain any parabens, silicones or dyes.

The packaging has been designed to reflect a colourful, lively yet refined product with references to nature and natural ingredients; the main characteristics of this product. Fissi Firenze products are available in most established Italian distribution chains and specialised stores.


With over a century of history, the historic Alighiero soap factory is synonymous with high quality and craftsmanship producing unchanged products over time all made with the same level of care and attention. A unique product line, unique in the market and capable of reviving today the ancient perfumes and blends, with traditional packaging from an era that made the Campostrini soap factory an international excellence.

Alighiero Campostrini stands for tradition and is reminiscent an era of refinement, sobriety and attention to detail. The Alghiero Campostrini products are exclusively available in a restricted selection of shops in Italy and abroad.


La Florentina represents another quality brand from Mario Fissi company. It originates from ancient recipes, jealously guarded and preserved over centuries to produce a very high quality product, soaps, cosmetics and detergents from producers who have worked in this field for generations.

The precise craftsmanship results in a fine, creamy soap whose vegetable and olive oil base adds to its softness and hydrating properties. La Florentina is available in a few select herbalists and in an exclusive selection of shops in Italy and abroad.


Tripsuma is a reproduction of the original brand which featured in the early 30s as a traditional product for the home. Its vintage connotations complement the product range which has been designed specifically for the laundry room, either hand or machine washing. The range of classic and liquid soaps include fabric softeners and a pre-wash.

This product line is particularly appreciated for its classic packaging which has remained unchanged for 50 years, at which time the pin-up design was highly sought after and appreciated. The fragrances range from the classic Marseille through to the most recent addition, Coconut. The products are available in a few exclusive points of sale.